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Крепления ски-тур Fritschi Xenic 10

      37 163 руб
Fritschi: Xenic 10  крепления ски-тур без ски-стопов
Fritschi: Xenic 10  крепления ски-тур без ски-стопов
Fritschi: Xenic 10  крепления ски-тур без ски-стопов


A typical Fritschi product at just 280 g

Innovative solutions to combine the high standards of safety, power transmission and com-fort at just 280 g per unit.

The light weight, the easy step-in and the practical operation make the Xenic an exceptionally agile binding for ski tours in any terrain. When skiing downhill, length compensation of 10 mm for the flexing ski ensures a reliable release according to the settings. The innovative frontal unit provides a secure hold in front and with the exceptionally broad heel support in the back the skis are easy to control.

SWISS MADE – from concept to product
Ninety-nine percent of the components are made in Switzerland and assembled into high-quality products in Reichenbach.

Well served by lightness

In its weight category the Xenic 10 stands out by its very practical handling. The simple step-in and the equally easy, effortless use of all functions provide plenty of safety, especially in difficult terrain.

Safety first

In skiing, significant forces are acting on material and body. Injuries are reduced to a minimum with a well-timed release according to the settings, the defined release and the prevention of unintended re-lease.

No conflict – light weight and direct power transmission
Today’s touring skis and boots allow a considerably more dynamic style of skiing. The compact and stable Xenic 10 scores with its excellent power transmission. The support of the system is exception-ally broad in the heel area and designed to transmit the power directly to the skis.
  • Fixed stop and broad step-in pedal for easy step-in
  • Sophisticated technology for easy operation without compromise
  • Separately and infinitely adjustable lateral and vertical release
  • Reliable release with 10 mm elasticity for the flexing ski
  • Innovative frontal unit for a secure hold in downhill skiing without blocking
  • Exceptionally broad support of the heel unit for direct power transmission

Only 280 g per unit

The result of the optimal mix of light high-tech plastics of the latest generation and high-quality metals is superior stability.

DIN4 – 10
Ski width> 70 mm
Weight280 g per unit without stopper

Subject to technical changes.

The figures refer to the width of the skis in mm. Subject to technical changes.

Xenic crampons

Robust, light crampons. Easy to use.

85 / 95 / 105

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